About Us

Founded in 1965, ESAC is a community-based, nonprofit, multi-service agency that strives to improve the quality of life for residents of Boston and eastern Massachusetts. Focusing on children and the elderly through innovative programs in home ownership, education, and community service, ESAC helps identify problems that threaten individuals and communities, and works in partnership with other agencies to find creative, long-lasting solutions. By sending forth ripples of hope, ESAC serves as a catalyst for strengthening neighborhoods and building communities. 

ESAC is a longtime United Way agency and receives support from charitable foundations, corporations, contracts with various government agencies, and generous donations from individuals throughout the greater Boston area.

Mission Statement

ESAC is dedicated to ensuring the stability of neighborhoods and improving the quality of life for their most vulnerable residents. Valuing innovation, collaboration, and prudent stewardship, ESAC creates healthy and sustainable solutions including:

  • Foreclosure prevention programs
  • Senior Home Repair
  • Youth programs
  • GED programs and advocacy
  • Community Organizing