mortgage assistance

When you care for your home, you are caring for yourself, your family and your community. Our goal is to promote healthy, stable and integrated neighborhoods and communities by helping eligible home owners buy, keep and improve their homes. We collaborate with a number of Boston’s city agencies and community-based organizations to meet this goal. We try to find integrated solutions to your home ownership problems by offering an array of services. We also offer information and referral services to help you find an alternate housing program for which you might be eligible.

Our services include:

  • Budgeting counseling
  • Debt-reduction strategies
  • Negotiating a variety of options with your lender including loan modifications
  • Referral to an attorney when appropriate
  • Helping to secure financial assistance
  • Helping to obtain a more affordable loan with another lender
  • Our services are free and confidential by HUD certified housing counselors.

If you are a homeowner in Eastern Massachusetts threatened with the loss of your home, you can turn to ESAC for intervention assistance. It may be difficult for you to make mortgage payments because you lost your job, sustained an injury or went through a divorce. Maybe your tenants are not paying their rent on time or you may be unfamiliar with the terms of your loan. Perhaps your home requires costly, unexpected repairs. Whatever your circumstance, we are more than willing to help. We provide financial and budget counseling and consumer education, and help secure more affordable loans from a variety of lenders. We will work with your lender to negotiate mutually agreeable terms that will allow you to keep your home. We may also refer you to an attorney and try to secure financial assistance.

To get started, please call Patrice Gattozzi at 617-524-2555.