Senior Home Repair

When an ESAC carpenter repairs a rickety porch for en elderly client, he is doing more than improving a building. He is helping to build stronger neighborhoods and communities by helping residents live independently in their own homes longer. Our goal is to protect your health and safety while helping to maintain and improve your quality of life. We have our own carpenters on staff who handle minor repairs or general maintenance, such as cleaning out gutters. If you are a homeowner in need of more extensive repairs, ESAC will guide you through the city’s application process for home rehabilitation projects. Our services are provided free to eligible homeowners, while others pay a small annual fee.


Are you having difficulty walking?
Are you afraid of falling in your home?
Are you recovering from a fall?

ESAC can help! In addition to handling minor repairs, our program features installation of safety features like grab bars and railings, handheld shower sprayers, as well as steps and floor repairs.


Eligibility and How to Sign Up

To be eligible for services, a homeowner must:

  • Be 62 years of age or over and/or a disabled individual,
  • Live on a low to moderate income,
  • Live in the city of Boston

If you or anyone you know, meets these requirements, please call Patrice Gattozzi at 617 524 2555 to get started.